Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Simple Gifts for your Furbabies

The holidays are just around the corner. However, if you still haven’t thought of gifts to give to other people, well all I can say, you pretty much need to hurry up to avoid the holiday rush. Most people are fond of reading reviews in this time of the year, from kitchenware, home improvements, and Apple iPhones. It can be tedious at times that no decisions on gift were actually made. For this post though, I’ll try to provide with short reviews of some holiday gift ideas. Simple creative gift ideas to get you started.

Dog Personal Care

Give something that can help with the personal care of the furry darling of other people, by giving some dog personal care items like the Ear Buff, Eye Sparkle and Gentle Dental. The canine care set from Divas and Studs comes with finger mitts to help you easily wipe those dog tooth gunk, ear wax build ups and tear eye stains.

Kitty Condo

Have you ever think if kittens want to have their own place where they can relax and just roam around on their “free time”? Well, we all know kitties can roam wherever and whenever they wish, but if you want to give a really special gift to a cat lover, you can opt for the Super Cat Kitty Condo. This “cute cat condo” can be created into an environment of tubes and huts, with options to either make it small or large. The Kitty Condo comes with a catnip spray.

BirdSLeuth Game Cards

For a bird lover friend, wrap this awesome card set from Cornell Lab BirdSLeuth Game Cards. Part of the K-12 program of Cornell Lab, the 5 by 7 inch game cards features colorful images of 36 birds. The set also includes two ID posters, BirdSLeuth Investigator kid-friendly publication and finch feeder.

Meal Dispenser Dog Toy

One of the amazing dog toys I’ve found recently is a meal dispensing dog toy. Made by Pet Magic, it’s a mushroom shape kibble dispenser which pretty much encourages dogs to flip, roll or tip the toy, until it dispenses dog kibbles; ideal for dogs over 20 pounds. The dispenser has adjustable windows that can easily work with different types of dog food options. The meal dispenser dog toy is an ideal gift, since it helps support dog weight management, while being able to help a dog exercise and enjoy dog treats and food.

Dog Pet Christmas Antlers

A great gift during office Christmas parties, just before you and your office mates take the Holiday break, is the Dog Pet Christmas Antlers. Made by Kyjen Plush Puppies, the antlers are natural tone and come with free collar, a great Christmas gift that will definitely look good on medium size dogs.

Make sure to find restaurants that allow pets. A local restaurant, Panevinola, is famous in my city because they are dog friendly. Best thing they ever did for their business.


Sunday, 27 September 2015

Working Out with your Workout Music

Getting old is inevitable. No matter how much we avoid getting old, each of us will come to the point that we have to deal with our growing age. During our elderly stage, we can no longer do the things that we used to do back in our younger days.


It is important that we should take good care of our body while we are still young. Abusing our body can lead to a lot of consequences as we grow old. The way we manage our body—what we eat, we do and consume will become part of our system. It is essential that we should try to eat healthy foods, practiced daily exercise and minimize all the vices so our body will retain the boosting energy even if we age. Aging gracefully is what everyone wants. Many people will try to work hard to get the benefits of aesthetics. Maintaining the suppleness and smoothness is what every man and woman wants.


With the kind of work that I do, taking good care of different animals every day. I have no time on exposing myself to beauty and wellness. Even I am not a health enthusiast, I make sure that I maintain a lean and healthy body. I manage to do daily exercise despite my busy schedule.

The best thing to help me workout is having my iPod and my music. I can’t workout without my music honestly. One of my favorite artists is Lady Sovereign. I wish she would come out with new music soon, it’s been years! She was young when she became famous but then disappeared. Not sure what happened, she could of been great for generations to come. I’m sure she still can be, she just needs to get back in it!




Friday, 25 September 2015

Balancing Work and Exercise

To be quite honest, I’m probably not as health conscious as I should be. Work takes up so much of my time already so to say that I have enough time to balance work and exercise in my life is a wish that I am still waiting to come true.
But I still like to think that my job as a veterinarian still allows me to get enough physical work done especially when handling larger animals in the clinic, most commonly big dogs.
A part of being a veterinarian entitles us to see the animals overall condition which also involves an animal's physical welfare. Oftentimes we’ll have a dog play fetch to see if he is active or not or what his range of motion is limited to but once in a while I’ll take them out for a quick walk around the curb. As much as I would love to take them with me while I jog, I still have to see if I can fit that into my busy schedule!
Aside from inserting a bit of exercise in my system, I try to eat healthier and it’s been 6 months since I’ve last had a cigarette. Horray!
I try to bank on eating a lot of greens at work and I try to hydrate as much as possible. I definitely stay away from unnecessary sugar as I’ve come to discover that these also cause me to break out in pimple which is a big no no. Aside from this, I’ve also been taking Proactol Plus which one of my fellow vets prescribed to me. I’ve been great so far and not only am I able to maintain my figure but I have also feeling really good about myself lately!
Being around animals and trying to get them to be in the most optimal state they can be reminds you every once in a while that if you can invest in so much time trying to keep animals healthy then there shouldn’t be anything stopping you from implementing them on yourself.
I spend so many hours in a day trying to rehabilitate animals, making sure that they’re getting enough food and exercise that sometimes I forget about the most important person, myself. But hopefully now that I am more aware of it, I can work on a better program towards better help. A better me equally better care for the animals!


Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Animals Don't Talk... or Do They?

Animals don’t talk unlike human do, which makes my profession a little bit harder since we need to figure out the underlying cause of the problem in order to cure the other problems without the necessity of being able to conduct an interview unlike medical doctors that humans seek consultation from.

Being a veterinarian can become very stressful sometimes especially when dealing with stressed out pet owners and their pets.

Aside from being unable to communicate with animals, we have to be very cautious upon approaching them. We need to be careful and not only watch out for their safety but for our safety, as well. I’ve been bitten a dozen times in my career so far but it has never made me stop loving what I do. In fact, it just makes me appreciate the art of communication more and thus resulting to me constantly trying to find ways to improve my own communication skills.
Because the clinic can often get a bit topsy turvy sometimes, I have invested on a few stress relieving recreations that I can enjoy during my free time. The truth is, not only to do I use them in the clinic but I also indulge in scented candles whenever I’m at home, as well. I love the different smells that candles can emit and I love the packaging too. Everything about it so relaxing and funny thing is that, some animals find it calming, as well! It’s just a small observation that we’ve made in the clinic but some animals will become more relaxed when candles are lit in the room. Some make less noise, become less fidgety while others will sleep more. Amazing isn’t it?
I love candles so much that despite my busy, jam packed schedule, I’ve made time to leave a few Diamond Candle reviews online because I have proven and tested that these candles are the best for me. Scent wise, packaging and especially quality. I’ve consumed a lot of candles in my time and so far, these have been the best brand for me!

I hope that many vets out there how are troubled with works, the job demands and the long hours have their own means of relieving stress.