Saturday, 17 October 2015

Questions for the Staff

We are always asked a lot of weird questions. Sometimes I wonder if it’s because our human clients think that we are human doctors as well (although we can be) or if it’s just fate that we have encountered so many goofballs in the clinic. It’s all fun though, please don’t get me wrong!

We actually love it when things like that pop up every once in a while that we have even made it a point to log it in a notebook/ journal that one of the vets at the clinic likes to keep!

So apparently, that was not the gist of the joke but it was pretty funny to see the pet owner’s reaction when he discovered someone else taking the same supplement he is.

It turns out, our dear Taylor has been using the same supplement for a while now because he wanted to enhance his upper body area or in other words, his man boobs!

Other funny instances are when pet owners ask us if we could use the same thermometers on animals as we do on humans or other procedures that they seem to be fairly interesting.

The life of a vet is indeed interesting!

On another occasion, one of the pet owners had brought ought one of his supplements to the clinic as well as asked if it was good enough for him to take! Upon inspection, one of the other vets had told him that he was better off taking animal supplements or vitamins and without hesitation, he asked if he was actually allowed to do so!

It’s a good thing to know that people nowadays are more health conscious and that they are also making an extra effort to ensure that their animals are also in a healthy state of being.

Although of course not all pet owners can be like this, it’s nice to know that there is a growing number of these people and that awareness is being spread more and more everyday.

I always tell our patients that the best thing they can every give their loved ones whether humans or animals, is good health. Hopefully, many think the same too!

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Humans Vs Animal Kingdom

The animal kingdom can be compared with humans. They have a distinct attributes that makes them unique in their own special way. The way they live their life is accordance with what their body can do for them. Just like human—we think, act and decide depending on what are brain transcends to our body. Each movement that we and animals do are based on the brain activity which in turn results to an action.


I am a dedicated veterinarian ever since I started this career. I further my studies about animals in order for me to understand them thoroughly. I have exerted my effort and devoted my time to my career. Being a committed professional, I sometimes forget to socialize with the public and tend to spend my time alone with my pets.


My life is focused on the field of my passion that I forgot to take good care of myself most of the time. I have been very abusive with my health since I am a self-professed smoker and drinker. I have been smoking and drinking since I was still in my 20’s and I don’t value healthy diet and exercise. My turning point in life is when one of my colleague which is also a veterinarian suffered from lung disease due to heavy smoking. It was hard for me to accept the fact that I am growing old and I need to change my ways.


I decided to renew my life and rehab myself from all the vices that I used to do. I began to do my research on how I can stop smoking slowly that my entire system would not react negatively.

It was a life changing experience for me when my system got used of not smoking nicotine anymore. I began to live my life differently--- in a healthy way. I also started doing daily exercise and adding healthy foods in my diet. I really felt that gained more energy than I used to be. Even my co-workers noticed how driven I am to finally change for the better.



Tuesday, 13 October 2015

What is Pet Ownership Today

What is Pet Ownership Today 

Most people enjoy having pets, however, it's important to take note that not all of them have the same purpose; not every pet can be used in the same situation.  


Here are five categories of pet ownership:


1. Companion pets


Companion animals fall into this category if the owner's main purpose is to have companionship or to have a pet that always stay by their side. Pets are great companions, so if you like to bring a pet when you go outdoors for a walk or a jog, dogs is the best choice. If you like having a furry friend at home, you can go for cats. Companion pets can be as varied and can depend on the personality of the individual - so the person can have a companion animal like a snake, monkey, iguana or even a baby tiger.    


2. Working animals


Working type of pets on the other hand fall into the working animal category when the main purpose of the animal works to help out a person or an individual. Some of the common purpose of working pets is for herding, guiding the blind or hunting. Other types of working animals used are canines in the police force, like bomb sniffing or narcotic detection dogs.


3. Show animals


Owners’ uses show animals if the purpose on having a pet is for exhibition, display or performance in an animal show. These shows can be educational, entertainment or even for commercial purposes. This type of pets needs a high level of commitment and responsibility from the owner, and it is often required that it is well maintained and does not suffer from any illness or disease. For example, you may want to make sure your pet does not suffer from any viral infection before a show. Capstars are commonly used for instance in dog presentations, and it is commonly used to make sure dogs are free from fleas. You certainly don’t want fleas to be the ones presented the judges of a dog show! Don't use any human products on dogs, especial face creams! They love to eat these but are very dangerous.


4. Care/nurturing pets


Care pets are a category of animal ownership where the purpose of the owner is to nurture the pets. This category can easily be attributed to people who chose to care for domestic animals, as if they were their children. Owners of care pets tend to make sure that the animals are well taken of - from the time the animals are young, up until they are old or seniors.   


5. Therapy animals


Therapy animals are types of pet ownership where animals are used to help a person quickly recover from injury or illness. Therapy & Traveling pets’ can help for faster recovery of a person that suffers from depression, from surgery or from stress. Common types of therapy animals are dogs, cats and dolphins.   



Sunday, 11 October 2015

Love for Diamonds in the Vet Field

In the clinic, the lady vets have found their literal love for diamonds in candles and we only have positive Diamond Candle reviews to give since not only are we crazy over the pleasant smells but also the cute rings we find inside them.

Although we haven’t had the pleasure of retrieving $1,000.00 or higher valued rings, it’s the experience that we all love so much and we’ve even come up with a neat system as to who gets to open a ring next. It’s definitely made the clinic a more festive place even with the male vets peering in on us every once in a while to see what the commotion is all about.

On the metaphorical side of things, we often find ourselves falling in love with diamonds in rough, as we like to call them. These are usually animals that nobody really pays attention to including those who are abandoned.

My heart truly beats for animals left to fend for themselves when in fact they should be in loving homes and not left on their own. I honestly do not understand how anyone with a heart could do such a thing. But every once in awhile, we encounter these diamonds and our lives are never the same.

Recently, I watched a video about a stray named Daisy who was abandoned by her owners and was too afraid to come up to humans. The poor thing was so traumatized but fortunately, a good team was able to rescue the stray and eventually rehabilitate her.

It fondly reminded me of all the strays that have been rescued and brought into our clinic over the past few years. It’s such a wonderful miracle that there are people out there who have big hearts and accept older dogs into their homes even if they know that it is definitely a more challenging struggle.

I salute people like this who are diamonds on their own. Not only do they allows themselves to shine bright and give light to other people by being inspirations to them but at the same time, they give animals a second chance and allow them to shine a lot brighter, as well!

So if you know someone who is looking for a pet, please suggest an animal shelter first and let’s give these animals a brighter future!



Friday, 9 October 2015

Aiding to Domesticated Pets

Aiding to Domesticated Pets

As a veterinarian, my job entails me be surrounded by animals and humans on a daily basis. A regular day mostly involved me aiding to domesticated pets which are commonly cats and dogs. Oftentimes, I get to deal with rodents and birds but I especially love it when pet owners bring in more exotic pets like lizards and snakes.

They’re not your conventional house pets and you certainly cannot bond with them the same way that you do with felines and pooches but they are extremely interesting animals and it takes a certain person to take care of these types of creatures.

A lot of people have the misconception that veterinarians don’t get exposed to humans as much as we do with animals which is not necessarily true. We are very much connected to human being as we are with animals because we are the ones who sympathize with them when something happens to their pets and we are the ones who explain to them what they need to do as pet owners. Although we do spend more time around animals, this most certainly does not mean that we have lost our human interacting capabilities.

In fact, one funny instance that recently happened with an owner was when he gushed over his hairy dog and even asked me how to grow hair faster! It was an ironic duo: a Shih Tzu and a middle aged man with thinning hair! You’d be surprised at how ironic pet tandems can get sometimes… I’m telling you!

But back to this pet owner, he was really serious when he asked us and even wanted to know if there was something dogs use that he could use for himself to get luscious hair! I felt so bad for the poor man that I out of my medical profession, I recommended the supplements my father has been using for quite some time to battle his male pattern baldness.

As much as I love animals, I surely do enjoy being able to interact with human beings, as well. I especially love it when they see the importance of my job and realize how important it is for them to take my advice! You can find all my information in my online directory.

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Passionate About All Types of Animals

Taking good care of different kinds of animals is another passion of mine. I see different cases of animal disease and try to comfort the pet owners as much as I can. Dealing with certain disease is hard to cope with especially when the pet owners were very devoted in taking good care of their pets.

Having a pet of my own gives me a lot of experience on how to be responsible in everything that I do. It is like having my own kid where I feed them, take good care of them and even buying them their needed stuffs. Being a licensed veterinarian is a one of the most remarkable experience in my life. I have established my name well that I was labelled as Chronic Illness Recovery Expert in our town.

Being known as the best vet in town, it gives a little pressure on my part that I need to do my best and not making any mistakes. My career is not easy as it seems since I am dealing with life. A life that is so precious not only to me but especially to their family. When I diagnosed something serious from any of my pet patients. I make sure that I do a thorough examination and prescribe only the best and proven medications for them.

I have this dog patient who was suffering from chronic liver dysfunction. I was very aware of this kind of dysfunction, its causes and treatment. I immediately talked to the owner of the pet, explained the condition of his pet and mentioned about the supplement called Denamarin for the liver. It is a nutritional supplement containing the antioxidant Silybin used to improve your pet’s liver function by increasing liver glutathione levels. It supports healthy liver function by raising antioxidant levels.

I was confident of using this supplement to all my cats and dogs patient who are suffering from liver dysfunction. This is trusted and proven by all the veterinarians out there, especially on my case. I will not let my credibility be put at stake by prescribing the wrong medicine. My work is very important to me and I don’t just do these just to earn money. I do this because I love how each animal give wonders to our everyday life and how they brighten up my day. The mere fact of looking at them every single day gives my life a purpose to continue living my life with a purpose to help.


Monday, 5 October 2015

Being Health Conscious All the Time

Being Health Conscious All the Time

To be quite honest, I’m probably not as health conscious as I should be. Work takes up so much of my time already so to say that I have enough time to balance work and exercise in my life is a wish that I am still waiting to come true.

But I still like to think that my job as a veterinarian still allows me to get enough physical work done especially when handling larger animals in the clinic, most commonly big dogs.

A part of being a veterinarian entitles us to see the animals overall condition which also involves an animal's physical welfare. Oftentimes we’ll have a dog play fetch to see if he is active or not or what his range of motion is limited to but once in awhile I’ll take them out for a quick walk around the curb. As much as I would love to take them with me while I jog, I still have to see if I can fit that into my busy schedule!

Aside from inserting a bit of exercise in my system, I try to eat healthier and it’s been 6 months since I’ve last had a cigarette.

I try to bank on eating a lot of greens at work and I try to hydrate as much as possible. I definitely stay away from unnecessary sugar as I’ve come to discover that these also cause me to break out in pimple which is a big no no.


Being around animals and trying to get them to be in the most optimal state they can be reminds you every once in awhile that if you can invest in so much time trying to keep animals healthy then there shouldn’t be anything stopping you from implementing them on yourself.

I spend so many hours in a day trying to rehabilitate animals, making sure that they’re getting enough food and exercise that sometimes I forget about the most important person, myself. But hopefully now that I am more aware of it, I can work on a better program towards better help. A better me equally better care for the animals!



Thursday, 1 October 2015

You Can NEVER Just Have One Pet

I had my first pet, a kitten, when I was around 9 years old and remember having several other cats until high school while staying with my parent’s house. I didn't have a chance to take care of a pet in college because of the load of work in school and also because of a part time job. I only had the chance to care for another pet, after moving to my own apartment.


One time, I took home a stray kitten I found lying at the side of the road while walking from the office. Well I never really thought that one kitten would be enough; but soon after, this one kitten lead to another and then to another one. Before I knew it, there were three kittens in my house, all stray cats in which I said to myself - that should be enough, only three cats will do.   


After taking in the three cats, and before I even realize, I had a new furry animal that arrived. One of my friends insisted for me to take one of their puppies, a white furry cross breed of some sort; as I said okay and took the puppy into the house. After sometime, someone then offered to give me a new puppy. Somehow I find it hard to refuse taking a new pet, which now brings my furry friend total to two puppies and three cats. But it didn't end there...     

Hamsters, guinea pigs, ducklings and birds.


Have you ever thought how you sometimes accumulate certain stuff in your life, like magazines, clothes, shoes, glasses, and you just keep on collecting and collecting until you wake up one day, with an apartment full of all sort of things. Well that happens to me, but this sort of experience is on how I were able to have different types of pets in one apartment.


The three kittens and two puppies eventually led to me having two hamsters, two guinea pigs, two ducklings and four birds. You can just imagine, how my apartment looks like and yes, I feel like I have my own pet shop and I feel good about it.

An interesting note though, when the time came for me to move out of the apartment, it's quite touching on how hard it is to let go of all them. It was like letting go of several of your close friends in grade school. It's as hard as letting go of a habit or activity.    


I couldn’t have found my apartment without the help of an online directory. There are so many other places around here that I was unaware of. SJL Directory helped me find the best apartment that fit my lifestyle.