Thursday, 21 April 2016

How to Get Rid of Man Boobs Fast

There are two reasons men grow breast.

The first reason is due to your body fat percentage being high, causing a build up of fatty tissue anywhere on your body. In this case… your breast.

The second reason is hormones… I know, who thought hormones would effect a mans breast size!

Basically your body starts producing less testosterone and more estrogen… which is the same hormone a female produces that makes them a female.

Now that you know what causes manboobs, lets go over the options you do have on Amazon and where to buy Gynectrol if you still feel it's your best option and where to find it.

Unfortunately, you can't choose where your body is going to shed fat. So the best way to lose man boobs is to reduce your fat overall. They are two reasons men end up having to figure out how to loose man boobs.

The first reason comes from not maintaining your diet and not exercising, causing you to be overweight.  As I said before, who has time to track calories and go to the gym…

The second reason is due to a medical condition. The condition is called gynecomastia, a hormonal condition in which your body produces an increased amount of estrogen & a decreased amount of testosterone.

This condition has often been the result of taking different medications that influenced your body's hormonal levels.

Whether you have male breast from not dieting & exercising or from a medical condition, you have two treatment options.

Your first and most obvious option is to look at your shirt size. If you are looking for an immediate solution, then adjust the size of your shirts to accommodate your body type.

The worst thing any person can do, whether you're male or female, is to wear clothes that don't fit you.

To be honest, and without sounding silly, I didn't realize how tight my clothes had gotten. Specifically my upper body…

So my quick but temporary solution, since I can't afford an entire new wardrobe and want to lose weight anyway, was to buy a few larger shirts that were more accommodating to my body type.

I know many people throw the word around, Moobs, but on a serious level what are they. Are they really male breast?

Unfortunately, that is exactly what they are. It's a buildup of excess tissue, specifically fatty tissue, around the area of your breast as well as behind your nipple.

You may have heard of gynecomastia, but the chances of that being the reason you developed man boobs is slim to none.

The majority of men dealing with this issue automatically assume that they need to figure out how to get rid of man boobs fast.

Being diagnosed with this condition is not only rare, but a condition you seriously don't want. If you are diagnosed with this condition your body is basically producing the female sex hormone, estrogen, instead of the male sex hormone, testosterone.


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Saturday, 16 April 2016

Medical News Today: The genetics of neuroticism slowly unpicked

Neuroticism is present in all of us to some degree. Linked to a multitude of serious health consequences, the hunt for the genetic code of neuroticism continues.

Thursday, 7 April 2016

marine mechanic

S&S Marine Services is located near Dunedin and is your marine repair shop! Dunedin, which was voted the #1 most walkable city in America and after one visit here, it's easy to see why! This stunning small town is so beautiful to walk around with its pristine white sand beaches, simply picturesque sunsets and its quaint active downtown. Fun Fact: the Toronto Blue Jays spend the Spring here training! Every year, this little town holds the Annual Dunedin Cup & Regatta with boat races including world class sailors. Over the weekend, a Ball is also held with a silent auction, all with the aim of raising funds for the popular Dunedin Youth Sailing Association. Dunedin is also the home to Caladesi Island State Park, which has been voted as the best beach in America! It's only accessible by boat or ferry from nearby Honeymoon Island but the trip is worth it for it's white sand and beautiful surroundings. There's lots of amenites here including a snack bar and gift shop. Most importantly, there is a Marina here with electric and water hookups for boats so why not make a weekend of it?


Friday, 18 December 2015

Is Your Dog Malnourished?

Americans are more concerned about health than ever before, so we should also have an equal amount of concern for our pets ... particularly with regard to the ingredients in their food. We would want the ingredients in our pets' food to be acceptable for human consumption.

After all, If byproducts are not tolerated in our food, why should they be tolerated in our pets' food? We're also starting to realize that our dogs and cats need daily supplements the same way that we do, in order to take care of their bodies for the inevitable ravages of aging. In the span of an animal's life, an early start at good health ensures less vulnerability to degenerative diseases, joints that are less likely to creak with pain and a healthier heart. Naturally we want our dogs and cats to live with us for as long as possible. Using supplements, like Denamarin, will help your pet live a happy and healthy life.

Renowned holistic veternarian Dr. Jane Bicks says that when looking at dog food, one should be be weary of dyes, chemicals and artificial preservatives as much as possible. For example, BHA ... one of the most common synthetic antioxidant preservatives mainly used to prevent food discoloration and rancidity ... has been found in scientific studies to cause stomach cancer in lab rats at certain doses. In lesser doses, the preservative doesn't have a cancerous effect but there is no telling what BHA can do to the body in small doses over a long period of time. 


Saturday, 17 October 2015

Questions for the Staff

We are always asked a lot of weird questions. Sometimes I wonder if it’s because our human clients think that we are human doctors as well (although we can be) or if it’s just fate that we have encountered so many goofballs in the clinic. It’s all fun though, please don’t get me wrong!

We actually love it when things like that pop up every once in a while that we have even made it a point to log it in a notebook/ journal that one of the vets at the clinic likes to keep!

So apparently, that was not the gist of the joke but it was pretty funny to see the pet owner’s reaction when he discovered someone else taking the same supplement he is.

It turns out, our dear Taylor has been using the same supplement for a while now because he wanted to enhance his upper body area or in other words, his man boobs!

Other funny instances are when pet owners ask us if we could use the same thermometers on animals as we do on humans or other procedures that they seem to be fairly interesting.

The life of a vet is indeed interesting!

On another occasion, one of the pet owners had brought ought one of his supplements to the clinic as well as asked if it was good enough for him to take! Upon inspection, one of the other vets had told him that he was better off taking animal supplements or vitamins and without hesitation, he asked if he was actually allowed to do so!

It’s a good thing to know that people nowadays are more health conscious and that they are also making an extra effort to ensure that their animals are also in a healthy state of being.

Although of course not all pet owners can be like this, it’s nice to know that there is a growing number of these people and that awareness is being spread more and more everyday.

I always tell our patients that the best thing they can every give their loved ones whether humans or animals, is good health. Hopefully, many think the same too!

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Humans Vs Animal Kingdom

The animal kingdom can be compared with humans. They have a distinct attributes that makes them unique in their own special way. The way they live their life is accordance with what their body can do for them. Just like human—we think, act and decide depending on what are brain transcends to our body. Each movement that we and animals do are based on the brain activity which in turn results to an action.


I am a dedicated veterinarian ever since I started this career. I further my studies about animals in order for me to understand them thoroughly. I have exerted my effort and devoted my time to my career. Being a committed professional, I sometimes forget to socialize with the public and tend to spend my time alone with my pets.


My life is focused on the field of my passion that I forgot to take good care of myself most of the time. I have been very abusive with my health since I am a self-professed smoker and drinker. I have been smoking and drinking since I was still in my 20’s and I don’t value healthy diet and exercise. My turning point in life is when one of my colleague which is also a veterinarian suffered from lung disease due to heavy smoking. It was hard for me to accept the fact that I am growing old and I need to change my ways.


I decided to renew my life and rehab myself from all the vices that I used to do. I began to do my research on how I can stop smoking slowly that my entire system would not react negatively.

It was a life changing experience for me when my system got used of not smoking nicotine anymore. I began to live my life differently--- in a healthy way. I also started doing daily exercise and adding healthy foods in my diet. I really felt that gained more energy than I used to be. Even my co-workers noticed how driven I am to finally change for the better.



Tuesday, 13 October 2015

What is Pet Ownership Today

What is Pet Ownership Today 

Most people enjoy having pets, however, it's important to take note that not all of them have the same purpose; not every pet can be used in the same situation.  


Here are five categories of pet ownership:


1. Companion pets


Companion animals fall into this category if the owner's main purpose is to have companionship or to have a pet that always stay by their side. Pets are great companions, so if you like to bring a pet when you go outdoors for a walk or a jog, dogs is the best choice. If you like having a furry friend at home, you can go for cats. Companion pets can be as varied and can depend on the personality of the individual - so the person can have a companion animal like a snake, monkey, iguana or even a baby tiger.    


2. Working animals


Working type of pets on the other hand fall into the working animal category when the main purpose of the animal works to help out a person or an individual. Some of the common purpose of working pets is for herding, guiding the blind or hunting. Other types of working animals used are canines in the police force, like bomb sniffing or narcotic detection dogs.


3. Show animals


Owners’ uses show animals if the purpose on having a pet is for exhibition, display or performance in an animal show. These shows can be educational, entertainment or even for commercial purposes. This type of pets needs a high level of commitment and responsibility from the owner, and it is often required that it is well maintained and does not suffer from any illness or disease. For example, you may want to make sure your pet does not suffer from any viral infection before a show. Capstars are commonly used for instance in dog presentations, and it is commonly used to make sure dogs are free from fleas. You certainly don’t want fleas to be the ones presented the judges of a dog show! Don't use any human products on dogs, especial face creams! They love to eat these but are very dangerous.


4. Care/nurturing pets


Care pets are a category of animal ownership where the purpose of the owner is to nurture the pets. This category can easily be attributed to people who chose to care for domestic animals, as if they were their children. Owners of care pets tend to make sure that the animals are well taken of - from the time the animals are young, up until they are old or seniors.   


5. Therapy animals


Therapy animals are types of pet ownership where animals are used to help a person quickly recover from injury or illness. Therapy & Traveling pets’ can help for faster recovery of a person that suffers from depression, from surgery or from stress. Common types of therapy animals are dogs, cats and dolphins.