Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Animals Don't Talk... or Do They?

Animals don’t talk unlike human do, which makes my profession a little bit harder since we need to figure out the underlying cause of the problem in order to cure the other problems without the necessity of being able to conduct an interview unlike medical doctors that humans seek consultation from.

Being a veterinarian can become very stressful sometimes especially when dealing with stressed out pet owners and their pets.

Aside from being unable to communicate with animals, we have to be very cautious upon approaching them. We need to be careful and not only watch out for their safety but for our safety, as well. I’ve been bitten a dozen times in my career so far but it has never made me stop loving what I do. In fact, it just makes me appreciate the art of communication more and thus resulting to me constantly trying to find ways to improve my own communication skills.
Because the clinic can often get a bit topsy turvy sometimes, I have invested on a few stress relieving recreations that I can enjoy during my free time. The truth is, not only to do I use them in the clinic but I also indulge in scented candles whenever I’m at home, as well. I love the different smells that candles can emit and I love the packaging too. Everything about it so relaxing and funny thing is that, some animals find it calming, as well! It’s just a small observation that we’ve made in the clinic but some animals will become more relaxed when candles are lit in the room. Some make less noise, become less fidgety while others will sleep more. Amazing isn’t it?
I love candles so much that despite my busy, jam packed schedule, I’ve made time to leave a few Diamond Candle reviews online because I have proven and tested that these candles are the best for me. Scent wise, packaging and especially quality. I’ve consumed a lot of candles in my time and so far, these have been the best brand for me!

I hope that many vets out there how are troubled with works, the job demands and the long hours have their own means of relieving stress.

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