Saturday, 17 October 2015

Questions for the Staff

We are always asked a lot of weird questions. Sometimes I wonder if it’s because our human clients think that we are human doctors as well (although we can be) or if it’s just fate that we have encountered so many goofballs in the clinic. It’s all fun though, please don’t get me wrong!

We actually love it when things like that pop up every once in a while that we have even made it a point to log it in a notebook/ journal that one of the vets at the clinic likes to keep!

So apparently, that was not the gist of the joke but it was pretty funny to see the pet owner’s reaction when he discovered someone else taking the same supplement he is.

It turns out, our dear Taylor has been using the same supplement for a while now because he wanted to enhance his upper body area or in other words, his man boobs!

Other funny instances are when pet owners ask us if we could use the same thermometers on animals as we do on humans or other procedures that they seem to be fairly interesting.

The life of a vet is indeed interesting!

On another occasion, one of the pet owners had brought ought one of his supplements to the clinic as well as asked if it was good enough for him to take! Upon inspection, one of the other vets had told him that he was better off taking animal supplements or vitamins and without hesitation, he asked if he was actually allowed to do so!

It’s a good thing to know that people nowadays are more health conscious and that they are also making an extra effort to ensure that their animals are also in a healthy state of being.

Although of course not all pet owners can be like this, it’s nice to know that there is a growing number of these people and that awareness is being spread more and more everyday.

I always tell our patients that the best thing they can every give their loved ones whether humans or animals, is good health. Hopefully, many think the same too!

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