Tuesday, 13 October 2015

What is Pet Ownership Today

What is Pet Ownership Today 

Most people enjoy having pets, however, it's important to take note that not all of them have the same purpose; not every pet can be used in the same situation.  


Here are five categories of pet ownership:


1. Companion pets


Companion animals fall into this category if the owner's main purpose is to have companionship or to have a pet that always stay by their side. Pets are great companions, so if you like to bring a pet when you go outdoors for a walk or a jog, dogs is the best choice. If you like having a furry friend at home, you can go for cats. Companion pets can be as varied and can depend on the personality of the individual - so the person can have a companion animal like a snake, monkey, iguana or even a baby tiger.    


2. Working animals


Working type of pets on the other hand fall into the working animal category when the main purpose of the animal works to help out a person or an individual. Some of the common purpose of working pets is for herding, guiding the blind or hunting. Other types of working animals used are canines in the police force, like bomb sniffing or narcotic detection dogs.


3. Show animals


Owners’ uses show animals if the purpose on having a pet is for exhibition, display or performance in an animal show. These shows can be educational, entertainment or even for commercial purposes. This type of pets needs a high level of commitment and responsibility from the owner, and it is often required that it is well maintained and does not suffer from any illness or disease. For example, you may want to make sure your pet does not suffer from any viral infection before a show. Capstars are commonly used for instance in dog presentations, and it is commonly used to make sure dogs are free from fleas. You certainly don’t want fleas to be the ones presented the judges of a dog show! Don't use any human products on dogs, especial face creams! They love to eat these but are very dangerous.


4. Care/nurturing pets


Care pets are a category of animal ownership where the purpose of the owner is to nurture the pets. This category can easily be attributed to people who chose to care for domestic animals, as if they were their children. Owners of care pets tend to make sure that the animals are well taken of - from the time the animals are young, up until they are old or seniors.   


5. Therapy animals


Therapy animals are types of pet ownership where animals are used to help a person quickly recover from injury or illness. Therapy & Traveling pets’ can help for faster recovery of a person that suffers from depression, from surgery or from stress. Common types of therapy animals are dogs, cats and dolphins.   




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