Thursday, 1 October 2015

You Can NEVER Just Have One Pet

I had my first pet, a kitten, when I was around 9 years old and remember having several other cats until high school while staying with my parent’s house. I didn't have a chance to take care of a pet in college because of the load of work in school and also because of a part time job. I only had the chance to care for another pet, after moving to my own apartment.


One time, I took home a stray kitten I found lying at the side of the road while walking from the office. Well I never really thought that one kitten would be enough; but soon after, this one kitten lead to another and then to another one. Before I knew it, there were three kittens in my house, all stray cats in which I said to myself - that should be enough, only three cats will do.   


After taking in the three cats, and before I even realize, I had a new furry animal that arrived. One of my friends insisted for me to take one of their puppies, a white furry cross breed of some sort; as I said okay and took the puppy into the house. After sometime, someone then offered to give me a new puppy. Somehow I find it hard to refuse taking a new pet, which now brings my furry friend total to two puppies and three cats. But it didn't end there...     

Hamsters, guinea pigs, ducklings and birds.


Have you ever thought how you sometimes accumulate certain stuff in your life, like magazines, clothes, shoes, glasses, and you just keep on collecting and collecting until you wake up one day, with an apartment full of all sort of things. Well that happens to me, but this sort of experience is on how I were able to have different types of pets in one apartment.


The three kittens and two puppies eventually led to me having two hamsters, two guinea pigs, two ducklings and four birds. You can just imagine, how my apartment looks like and yes, I feel like I have my own pet shop and I feel good about it.

An interesting note though, when the time came for me to move out of the apartment, it's quite touching on how hard it is to let go of all them. It was like letting go of several of your close friends in grade school. It's as hard as letting go of a habit or activity.    


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