Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Passionate About All Types of Animals

Taking good care of different kinds of animals is another passion of mine. I see different cases of animal disease and try to comfort the pet owners as much as I can. Dealing with certain disease is hard to cope with especially when the pet owners were very devoted in taking good care of their pets.

Having a pet of my own gives me a lot of experience on how to be responsible in everything that I do. It is like having my own kid where I feed them, take good care of them and even buying them their needed stuffs. Being a licensed veterinarian is a one of the most remarkable experience in my life. I have established my name well that I was labelled as Chronic Illness Recovery Expert in our town.

Being known as the best vet in town, it gives a little pressure on my part that I need to do my best and not making any mistakes. My career is not easy as it seems since I am dealing with life. A life that is so precious not only to me but especially to their family. When I diagnosed something serious from any of my pet patients. I make sure that I do a thorough examination and prescribe only the best and proven medications for them.

I have this dog patient who was suffering from chronic liver dysfunction. I was very aware of this kind of dysfunction, its causes and treatment. I immediately talked to the owner of the pet, explained the condition of his pet and mentioned about the supplement called Denamarin for the liver. It is a nutritional supplement containing the antioxidant Silybin used to improve your pet’s liver function by increasing liver glutathione levels. It supports healthy liver function by raising antioxidant levels.

I was confident of using this supplement to all my cats and dogs patient who are suffering from liver dysfunction. This is trusted and proven by all the veterinarians out there, especially on my case. I will not let my credibility be put at stake by prescribing the wrong medicine. My work is very important to me and I don’t just do these just to earn money. I do this because I love how each animal give wonders to our everyday life and how they brighten up my day. The mere fact of looking at them every single day gives my life a purpose to continue living my life with a purpose to help.


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