Sunday, 11 October 2015

Love for Diamonds in the Vet Field

In the clinic, the lady vets have found their literal love for diamonds in candles and we only have positive Diamond Candle reviews to give since not only are we crazy over the pleasant smells but also the cute rings we find inside them.

Although we haven’t had the pleasure of retrieving $1,000.00 or higher valued rings, it’s the experience that we all love so much and we’ve even come up with a neat system as to who gets to open a ring next. It’s definitely made the clinic a more festive place even with the male vets peering in on us every once in a while to see what the commotion is all about.

On the metaphorical side of things, we often find ourselves falling in love with diamonds in rough, as we like to call them. These are usually animals that nobody really pays attention to including those who are abandoned.

My heart truly beats for animals left to fend for themselves when in fact they should be in loving homes and not left on their own. I honestly do not understand how anyone with a heart could do such a thing. But every once in awhile, we encounter these diamonds and our lives are never the same.

Recently, I watched a video about a stray named Daisy who was abandoned by her owners and was too afraid to come up to humans. The poor thing was so traumatized but fortunately, a good team was able to rescue the stray and eventually rehabilitate her.

It fondly reminded me of all the strays that have been rescued and brought into our clinic over the past few years. It’s such a wonderful miracle that there are people out there who have big hearts and accept older dogs into their homes even if they know that it is definitely a more challenging struggle.

I salute people like this who are diamonds on their own. Not only do they allows themselves to shine bright and give light to other people by being inspirations to them but at the same time, they give animals a second chance and allow them to shine a lot brighter, as well!

So if you know someone who is looking for a pet, please suggest an animal shelter first and let’s give these animals a brighter future!



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