Friday, 9 October 2015

Aiding to Domesticated Pets

Aiding to Domesticated Pets

As a veterinarian, my job entails me be surrounded by animals and humans on a daily basis. A regular day mostly involved me aiding to domesticated pets which are commonly cats and dogs. Oftentimes, I get to deal with rodents and birds but I especially love it when pet owners bring in more exotic pets like lizards and snakes.

They’re not your conventional house pets and you certainly cannot bond with them the same way that you do with felines and pooches but they are extremely interesting animals and it takes a certain person to take care of these types of creatures.

A lot of people have the misconception that veterinarians don’t get exposed to humans as much as we do with animals which is not necessarily true. We are very much connected to human being as we are with animals because we are the ones who sympathize with them when something happens to their pets and we are the ones who explain to them what they need to do as pet owners. Although we do spend more time around animals, this most certainly does not mean that we have lost our human interacting capabilities.

In fact, one funny instance that recently happened with an owner was when he gushed over his hairy dog and even asked me how to grow hair faster! It was an ironic duo: a Shih Tzu and a middle aged man with thinning hair! You’d be surprised at how ironic pet tandems can get sometimes… I’m telling you!

But back to this pet owner, he was really serious when he asked us and even wanted to know if there was something dogs use that he could use for himself to get luscious hair! I felt so bad for the poor man that I out of my medical profession, I recommended the supplements my father has been using for quite some time to battle his male pattern baldness.

As much as I love animals, I surely do enjoy being able to interact with human beings, as well. I especially love it when they see the importance of my job and realize how important it is for them to take my advice! You can find all my information in my online directory.

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